Spyroploylos was heavily criticised by media and the general director of state TV, who formally apologised for the censoring. In September 2013, a scene from the popular series Glee showing a lesbian couple kissing on a bed without the portrayal of any nudity was censored by Alpha TV. A more recent poll conducted by DiaNeosis in December 2016, showed that 50% of Greeks supported same-sex marriage and 26% were in favor of adoption by same-sex couples.   LGBT rights in Greece This article is concerned with the situation in the modern Greek state. Adoption by same-sex couples was supported by 49% among those aged 17-24, but only 11% of those over 65 shared the same view. Far-right homophobic violence[edit] It is reported that, following the rise of the Neo-Nazi far right party Golden Dawn, homophobic and transphobic incidents have multiplied. In September 2015, the NCRTV imposed a fine on Skai TV for broadcasting two shows relating to, among others, gay and lesbiansex.

[105] The party also actively urges its supporters to not accept homosexuality. There is also a large gay scene in Thessaloniki with gay/lesbian bars/clubs and several friendly mixed venues, and several LGBT organisations. In December 2015, a poll conducted by the University of Macedonia during the week before the Civil Union Bill became law found that 56% of the public agreed with the law, while 29% strongly opposed it. For more information regarding Online Cupids click here. The attempt was quickly stopped by the local police, but the event was advertised in online media. But after wide protest the episode aired fully a few days later and at an even earlier hour (7pm). However, respondents remained skeptical about adoption by same-sex couples with only 30% supporting it while 56% opposed it.

A Eurobarometer survey published in December 2006 showed that 15% of Greeks surveyed supported same-sex marriage and 11% recognised same-sex couple s right to adopt. Athens Pride[edit] Speaker of Parliament Zoe Konstantopoulou at Athens Pride 2015. On 12 May 2015, Greece had its first survey ever showing majority support for same sex marriage at 56%, while 35% opposed it..
. If the offender is a public worker then they are punished with six months to three years imprisonment and a fine of 10,000 to 25,000 euros; if a crime is committed, they are punished with a fine of 25,000 to 50,000 euros. Gay culture[edit] Athens has a large number of LGBT associations and a developing gay village in the Gazi, Athens neighborhood. In September 2014, the Law Against Racism was amended. .


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